Men’s Dressing Styles:Classical Type

III. Classical Type

Men’s Dressing Styles:Classical Type
Men’s Dressing Styles:Classical Type

Mature, stable, correct, rigorous, orthodox, indifferent, arrogant, dignified, and knowledgeable.

1)Facial Contour: the facial line is moderate, the facial features are regular and delicate, and the whole face feels mature and rigorous.

2)Figure: straight and well-proportioned.

3)Character: rigorous, steady and traditional. Have a sense of distance.

4)Overall atmosphere: classical men give people a sense of decency, intellectuality, nobility and formality. Classical style people should not dress too fashionably, but they should also set off noble and traditional temperament.

5)The classical style is also called the traditional style. Conservative style

6)Costume Features of Classical Style Exquisite costumes for all; Advanced, crisp and delicate fabrics; Uniform and regularly arranged small patterns; Exquisite ornaments of moderate size; It is advisable to choose colors that are truly rational and biased. Suitable for the same color matching.

7)Suits: English or other well-made and well-tailored traditional suits; Uniform and regularly arranged small patterns; Exquisite ornaments of moderate size.

8)Shirts: square collar, standard collar or priest collar shirts.

9)Tie: a geometric pattern arranged in a neat and regular pattern.

10)Casual wear: casual wear with fine materials and exquisite workmanship, such as T-shirt or shirt with collar, lapel coat with fitting collar, etc.

11)Texture: crisp woolen fabric, silk fabric, knitted fabric and fine soft leather, etc.

12)Patterns: regularly arranged geometric patterns such as stripes, lattices and water dots.

13)Shoes, bags and accessories: shoes with excellent leather, excellent workmanship and classic styles; Founder, medium-sized briefcase; Exquisite and noble decorations, etc.

14)Hairstyles: regular distribution will be made in 3.7 or 4.6.

15)Colors: Colors should choose colors with rational tendency. It is suitable for the same color collocation. Costume:Exquisite and Fit Costume;Advanced, Stiff and Delicate Fabric;Uniform, Regular Arrangement of Small Patterns;Exquisite, Moderate Size Ornaments. Classical and natural , for example, is a male brother while the latter is a person who lives at home. Compared with natural style men, classical men’s clothes are more expensive than natural style men’s, and should have a sense of quality and refinement in workmanship. Watches, cufflinks, ties, etc. should reflect the taste of classical people from head to foot. they should choose rational colors in their own color groups, such as dark blue, blue gray, gray, beige, camel color, etc.

16)Avoidance: a dress style that is too idiosyncratic, exaggerated, eye-catching or random and rough.


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