Men’s Dressing Styles:Drama Style

VI. Drama Style

Men’s Dressing Styles:Drama Style
Men’s Dressing Styles:Drama Style

Mature, exaggerated, atmospheric, eye-catching and strong

It is the boldest and most publicized type,pursuit of passion,is hot;external characteristics: it has a strong sense of presence;has clear facial features ;exaggerates ;tall and large body shape, wide shoulders and angular face shape.

1)Facial contour: clear lines, hale and hearty, strong sense of existence. The facial features are exaggerated and three-dimensional, with heavy eyebrows and eyes and strong sense of volume.

2)Figure: bony, generous, tall, looking significantly taller than the actual height.

3)Character: atmospheric, mature and exaggerated.

4)Overall atmosphere: mature atmosphere, eye-catching, giving people a modern and exaggerated feeling. In the crowd is more eye-catching, visual impact is stronger, and even there will be a deterrent, a strong momentum.
Dramatic style is also called exaggerated style. Artistic style.

5)Costume Characteristics of Dramatic Style Modern, stage-conscious fashion clothes; Exaggerated, loose big neckline, double-breasted suit jacket with gun lapel head; Gorgeous and fashionable fabrics; Exaggerated, atmospheric patterns; Eye-catching. Decorative ornaments; Saturation and impact colors should be selected. It is suitable for matching with strong contrast.

6)Suits: European “T” and “Y” wide suits, large neckline, double-breasted and rectangular.

7)Shirts: generous collar, large splayed collar, large pointed collar shirt, etc.

8)Neckties: bold large stripes, abstract, non-realistic ties with strange patterns.

9)Casual wear: loose, long and big coats, knitting sweaters, exaggerated plaid coats, and fashionable styles in the atmosphere.

10)Texture: fabric with good gloss, soft and hard. For leisure, woolen fabrics can be used, and various high-grade leathers can be used in autumn and winter.

11)Patterns: geometric, large flowers, abstract, animal fur, figures and other eye-catching and clear patterns.

12)Shoes, bags and accessories: shoes and bags can choose modern and modern styles, and shoes and bags can have eye-catching decorations. Suitable for choosing unique, eye-catching and sexy decorations, such as strange large-size belt buckles, large watches, repeated and exaggerated necklaces or bracelets, etc.

13)Hairstyles: suitable for fashionable and exaggerated hairstyles, such as back or long hair, braids, etc.

14)Color: No matter which type is suitable to choose the more saturated and visual impact color in their own color group. Suitable for strong contrast and collocation. Costume: modern, stage-conscious fashion clothing,exaggerated, loose large neckline;Luxuriant and fashionable fabric,exaggerated, atmospheric pattern,eye-catching and decorative ornaments. The dramatic man is required to have a strong theatrical stage effect country when he listens. Therefore, if you want to successfully wear the charm of a dramatic person, you have to spend some time on it.

15)Avoidance: ordinary, honest and stingy dress style.


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