See One’s Psychology from One’s Dressing Style

One of the great literary giants, once said: “clothes are the symbol of culture and clothes are the image of thought.” It means that people can show themselves to the outside world by dressing up.

See One's Psychology from One's Dressing Style
See One’s Psychology from One’s Dressing Style

With the development and progress of human society, it is virtually more difficult to judge a person from his or her clothes. Because people nowadays advocate to publicize personality and stop sticking to a certain form, they cannot observe and judge according to the traditional set. However, it is also due to the publicity of personality, not rigidly adhere to the form, people can more fully express their psychological status, aesthetic views, etc., so as to grasp their personality characteristics.

Generally speaking, people who like to wear simple and plain clothes are calm, stable, sincere and enthusiastic. In their work, study and life, these people are honest, willing to do anything, diligent and eager to learn, and can be objective and rational. However, it is not good to be too simple, which shows that people lack subjective consciousness and are weak and easy to yield to others.

People who like to wear single-tone clothes are more upright and strong. Rational thinking is better than perceptual thinking.

People who like to wear light casual clothes are mostly lively, talkative and like to make friends.

People who like to wear dark clothes are very stable in character, appear shrewd and deep, generally silent, have long-term foresight in everything, and often have unexpected actions that make people uncertain.

People who like to wear multifarious, colorful and gaudy clothes are mostly people with strong vanity, love to show themselves and are willing to show off. They are capricious and even bossy.

People who like to wear gorgeous clothes are mostly people with strong vanity, self-display desire and money desire.
The biggest characteristic of people who like to wear fashionable clothes is that they don’t have their own opinions and don’t know what kind of aesthetic standards they have. They are often emotionally unstable and can’t keep their peace.

People who like to wear the same style of clothes are mostly frank and bright in character. They have strong self-confidence. Their love and hate, right and wrong, and right and wrong are often very clear. Their advantage is that they act decisively, appear very crisp and agile, and they will believe what they say and will bear fruit when they act. At the same time, they also have shortcomings, that is, lofty and arrogant, self-conscious and often self-righteous.

People who like to wear short-sleeved shirts are bohemian in character, but they are very easy-going and kind. They are keen on enjoyment, act spontaneously, do not stick to the rules, like to make innovations and breakthroughs, have a strong sense of autonomy, and often judge everything by personal likes and dislikes. Although they look a bit duplicitous, in fact their mind is still relatively careful and they know what they do at all times, so they can think twice before they act, be careful, and not act willfully and make mistakes.

Most of the people who like to wear long-sleeved clothes are more traditional and conservative. They follow the rules and do not dare to make innovations. Their sense of adventure is relatively lacking in some aspects, but they like to fight for fame and gain, and their ideal of life is set high. The greatest advantage of such people is that they are more adaptable. This is due to the principle of following the rules of conduct. They can quickly integrate into people wherever they like, so they usually build better interpersonal relationships. They attach great importance to their image in other people’s minds and hope to be welcomed, respected and appreciated, so that they are always strict with themselves in all aspects such as dress, speech and behavior.

People who like loose and natural dress and don’t pay attention to the clothes that fit and fit people are mostly introverted. They are often self-centered and cannot enter other people’s life circle. They] are sometimes lonely and want to associate with others, but there are always many disappointments in the association with others, so they finally end up with failure. Most of them do not have any friends, but once they do, they will be very good friends. There are many shy and cowardly elements in their personalities, and they are not easy to approach others or be approached by others. They are generally not interested in group activities.


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