How to Find The Right Dressing Style for Yourself?

How to find a dress style suitable for oneself is actually quite difficult for many people. Some people may not have found their own dress style since they were born. At ordinary times, when buying clothes to wear, I never thought about forming my own style. I always felt that it was almost beautiful, and I didn’t know whether it was suitable or not. The main reason is that many people do not know their actual situation. Today, I will talk about how to find a suitable Style of dress and form my own personal style.

Find The Right Dress Style
Find The Right Dress Style

1)According to their own size People’s body types can be roughly divided into X, A, Y, H and O shapes. However, no matter which body type it belongs to, as long as it is good at using the three elements of clothing color, style and fabric to decorate, it can cover up its imperfection.
The X-shape, that is, the upper and lower ratio of the standard body is 5:8, so it is not difficult to choose clothes, not to say much.

Y-shaped people are generally fatter in the upper part of the body, so they will feel unbalanced. The shape and color of the lower body should be strengthened to give a sense of balance and follow the principle of matching colors from top to bottom. Avoid shoulder-widening styles for upper body, such as shoulder pads and wide lapels.

A body shape is mostly pp with more meat and elephant legs, which is what we call pear shape. The matching principle is just opposite to the Y-shape, following the principle of matching colors from top to bottom, and the lower body design should be concise.

H body shape is generally slim and relatively flat. Therefore, avoid choosing clothes that are too tight, and choose clothes that are slightly loose and have expansion effect.

O-shaped people are plump, with similar shoulder-hip width and thicker waist. Clothes should be thick and not thin, soft and stiff, and loose tops should be the best length to cover the hips, avoiding warm colors and giving people a feeling of swelling.

2)According to their own character Popular stars all have their own style of dress, such as Li Yuchun’s neutral style and Zhang Manyu’s fashion and elegance … Everyone should have their own style. Reasonable style of dress is determined by the body shape and personality of the human body, with 70% of facial atmosphere, 20% of body shape and 10% of personality. You can’t call a sweet-looking and gentle person wearing rivet black leather clothes and torn jeans, the picture will be very inconsistent.

Therefore, according to one’s own character, one should think which style one can control, noble and elegant, petite and lovely, avant-garde and fashionable, or natural and casual. Only by finding suitable elements can one foil one’s unique temperament and form one’s own style through clothing.

3)According to their skin color Sometimes we look at the dazzling array of beautiful clothes, but we don’t think they look so good when we wear them, while the models look so radiant. In fact, it is because our own factors are different and everyone’s skin color is very different. Some clothing colors cannot be merged with our skin color, and the color of clothing affects the overall clothing effect.

If a person with dark skin wears a big yellow dress, first of all, we don’t say how it looks, and the first feeling is that the dress doesn’t fit and doesn’t fit.

4)According to their professional identity In fact, I still pay more attention to this point regarding the style of dress, because your style of dress also represents your professional identity. There is a saying that your value of the image million, your job career will also be affected by your personal image, clothing style. Therefore, to form your own dressing style, you should also consider your professional status.

For example, if you are a kindergarten teacher, you cannot wear too serious and dark all day long. You should choose more bright colors to make yourself look more approachable and gentle. However, if you are a lawyer, you should make yourself look more confident, calm and strict. You can choose dark clothes or formal clothes. Don’t exaggerate casually, make others doubt your ability and affect your work.

Finally, I’d like to conclude that it is difficult to find the right style for you because you don’t know yourself well enough and you don’t know what kind of yourself you want to see. Therefore, you are wearing the wrong style every day and you want to try it on again. If you see something good, you can put it on yourself. There is no fixed style or unique charm, so it is easy to become a passer-by in the vast sea of people. If you have formed your own style of dress, these clothes will also set off your personal temperament, just as others say, in a sea of people, I know who he is even looking at his back.


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