How to Judge Correctly Overall Image and Dress Style?

In order to accurately judge the personal image and dressing style, from the technical level, the requirements are very high. It is difficult for ordinary people to judge accurately.

Judge Correctly Overall Image and Dress Style
Judge Correctly Overall Image and Dress Style

At present, I am more gifted and spiritual in dressing and matching, but I still don’t know how to judge my personal image at a glance. Here we share some knowledge we have learned.

1. The difference between depth and depth The difference between depth and depth depends on the eyes. The eyes are clear, friendly, light and suitable for light colors, while the eyes are calm, mature and more suitable for dark colors.

2. Colorful and soft Generally speaking, people with clearer facial features are more suitable for bright colors. Facial features are softer, suitable for soft colors.

3. The difference between cold and warm skins The changes in temperature of the skin are not directly related to whether the skin is white or yellow. Generally speaking, the texture of cold skin will be stuffy, opaque and a little gray, while warm skin is generally translucent.

The confirmation of warm and cold skin will seriously affect the color of clothing. People with cold skin should wear cold color and those with warm skin should wear warm color.

Once you have mastered the above knowledge, you will be able to change everything with makeup. According to the situation of one’s own body, combined with the current specific scenes and costumes, choose the appropriate makeup. In this way, you can completely change your style and image. At that time, it does not seem to be so important whether one can accurately judge one’s personal image and dressing style. The important thing is that you are beautiful enough.

A person’s image is closely related to his character. Many people say that one is born out of one’s heart, but in fact there is a lot of it.


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