Men’s Dressing Styles:New Avant-garde Type

V. New Avant-garde Type

Men’s Dressing Styles:New Avant-garde Type
Men’s Dressing Styles:New Avant-garde Type

New and avant-garde style: young, sharp, individual, fashionable, unconventional and cool

1)Facial contour: lines are clear and clear; Three-dimensional personality of five facial features;

2)Figure: Proportional, bony, small skeleton.

3)Character: sharp and forward thinking.

4)Overall atmosphere: new and avant-garde men give people a strong sense of individuality, bone feeling, individuality and coolness. Dress style is different, leading the trend and making new and unique. New and avant-garde style is also called handsome style.

5)Fashion Features of New and Avant-garde Style Unique and trendsetting clothing; The latest popular fabrics; Patterns with clear contrast and strong fashion sense; Ornaments with unique shapes; The most fashionable and avantgarde colors should be selected. Color matching suitable for contrast.

6)Suit: A suit with a small gun lapel, many buttons, a small neckline and a closed body. In the collar, sleeve, buckle, pattern and other details, it shows the seasonal fashion.

7)Shirts: pointed collar, vertical collar or shirts different from the conventional style.

8)Tie: a stable and fashionable tie.

9)Casual wear: popular, personalized, alternative fashion and trendsetting casual wear.

10)Texture: leather, stiff chemical fiber, shining, various popular high-tech fabrics.

11)Patterns: irregular stripes, lattices, weird animals, abstract geometric figures and other personalized patterns.

12)shoes, bags and accessories: shoes and briefcases with strong luster and unique shapes; Weird and fashionable ornaments.

13)hairstyles: personalized, distinctive hair color and hairstyle.

14)Color: the most fashionable and avant-garde color in your color group. Good at using non-color and metallic colors.

15)Avoidance: plain, moderate, unfashionable, gorgeous and orthodox dress style.


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