Men’s Dressing Styles:Romantic Type

II. Romantic Type

Men’s Dressing Styles:Romantic Type
Men’s Dressing Styles:Romantic Type

Mature, gorgeous, sexy, atmospheric, exaggerated, enthusiastic, cordial and emotional

1)Facial contour: the facial and five facial features have soft lines, and the contour is not hard and straight. There is no impression of tough guy. Soft and sexy eyes, mature and full figure.

2)Figure: the overall body feels soft.

3)Character: give a person the feeling of affection, exaggerated and atmospheric character.

4)Overall atmosphere: romantic men give people the feeling of gorgeous, sexy and personable, suitable for gorgeous clothes. With mature personality and atmosphere, Romantic style is also called gorgeous style and sexy style.

5)Romantic style clothing features Costumes of superb workmanship; Gorgeous, lustrous and delicate fabrics; Curved pattern; Gorgeous, eye-catching and exaggerated ornaments; It is better to choose more saturated, gorgeous but not too dark colors. Suitable for similar color matching. It is characterized in that the clothing outline is curved, the texture is firm, and the sense of quantity is massive.

6)Suits: Suits with draped fabrics and excellent workmanship.

7)Shirts: standard collar, collar button collar, vertical collar and wing collar shirts with soft fabrics.

8)neckties: neckties with curved and ornate patterns such as patterns and vortex patterns.

9)Casual clothes: soft casual suits; Turtle neck with fine and soft weave; Trousers with good drape, etc.

10)Texture: Silk cotton, worsted wool, cashmere, luster, soft and gorgeous texture.

11)Patterns: strong curved patterns such as water ripples, flowers and water dots.

12)hairstyles: soft and dancing hairstyles, long hair style or curly hair style.

13)shoes, bags and accessories: round and multi-decorative shoes, shoes with patchwork leather and small hole decoration and soft leather; A bag with ornate buckles; Exaggerated, ornate ornaments, etc.

14)Avoidance: clothing style that is too casual and rough and has an alternative personality.

15)Colors: The color season is deep warm autumn, with moderate to low purity, which is saturated, gorgeous but not too dark, is suitable for similar color matching. Costume is luxuriant in workmanship, bright in luster and exquisite in fabric; has a curvy design; is luxuriant, striking and exaggerated in decorations. Romantic men’s clothes should highlight the aristocratic atmosphere and they should have a sense of magnificence. Romantic men are generally very handsome. Their eyes are naturally moving.


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