Men’s Dressing Styles:Sunshine Avantgarde Type

IV. Sunshine Avantgarde Type

Men’s Dressing Styles:Sunshine Avantgarde Type
Men’s Dressing Styles:Sunshine Avantgarde Type

Young, personality, naughty, fashionable and cute Most of the younger people are characterized by their personality, liveliness, ingenuity, novelty and good at leading the trend. Their external characteristics are: well-proportioned figure and vigorous facial features with personality.

1)facial contour: the facial lines are clear, the facial features are small, and the proportion is personalized.

2)Figure: small skeleton figure. It is characterized by rejuvenation.

3)Character: lively, extroverted, mischievous and ancient.

4)overall atmosphere: sunshine avant-garde men give a lively and lovely, naughty and humorous personalized impression. Looks younger than the actual age. He is good at controlling youthful, fashionable and urbanized clothes.

5)The sunshine avant-garde style is also called modern style, personality style, innovation style, modern style, etc., the more fashionable, the more personality can be reflected.

6)sunshine avantgarde style clothing characteristics Fit and agile small neckline, multi-button suit, reflecting the popular style of clothing; The latest popular fabrics every year; Clear, contrasting and fashionable patterns; Adorable ornaments with novel shapes.

7)Suit: A small neckline, multi-button or zipper suit that fits neatly, showing the seasonal fashion in details such as collar, sleeve and button.

8)shirts: fashion shirts such as pointed collar and small vertical collar.

9)Tie: cartoon, national flag, abstract and messy geometric pattern tie with sharp color contrast.

10)casual clothes: fashionable casual clothes such as multi-pocket loose jeans, elastic tight-fitting top and fashionable t-shirt.

11)Texture: popular high-tech fabrics, cotton, wool, various kinds of leather, shiny and stiff chemical fiber, etc.

12)Patterns: personalized or lovely geometric stripes, lattices, animal fur and abstract patterns.

13)Shoes, bags and accessories: shoes of various popular styles, unique shapes and strong decorative feeling; Double shoulder back, slung, multi-bag, hard or patent leather bags with unique shapes; Stylish and unique jewelry.

14)Hairstyles: personalized and popular hairstyles.

15)Colors: suitable for choosing their own colors, which are more vivid in the group, and for matching colors with contrast and visual impact. Unique and trendsetting clothing;Latest fashion fabrics ;Contrast clearly and have a strong sense of fashion designs and unique decorations. Color should choose the most fashionable and avantgarde color,and it is suitable for contrasting color combinations. Avant-garde men generally look younger than their actual age. In addition, the avant-garde men should not to try suits because of their small size.

16)Avoidance: Moderate, bland, unfashionable and over-orthodox dress style.


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