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  • Women’s Dressing Style Types

    This time, we will talk about “Women’s Dressing Style Types”. A) “dramatic” style person: you, who cannot be ignored, have a strong sense of being. These people have many tall children, large skeletons, distinct facial features and personalities. In order to fully reflect your characteristics, it is suggested that you should wear special and personalized clothes, which can better foil your character and temperament. For example, blouses with thick shoulder pads, clothes with large open collar according to the face shape, horn sleeves, exaggerated multi-layer lace, etc. can be used more frequently. Moreover, the masculine suit and the tight and deep slit skirt are OK. Clothes with strong texture, such as gold and silver silk fabric with good drape or fur, are also suitable for you to wear. Make-up or hair can be exaggerated. Do you think eyeliner is too obvious? In fact, the least taboo is you! Hairstyle can…

    Dress Styles, Women Dress Styles December 11, 2019
  • Eight Styles of Ladies!  Find The Best Matching Style for Your Clothes!

    Eight styles of ladies!  Find the best matching style for your clothes! People’s natural styles are divided into eight styles: dramatic, natural, classical, avant-garde teenager, avant-garde, avant-garde girl, elegant and romantic. Let’s look for our own styles together  … The romantic style of female style Romantic type Romantic style is also called gorgeous style and sexy style.  The overall impression given by the standard romantic lady is gorgeous and amorous, with exaggerated and atmospheric character and strong sense of wealth … Are you romantic? Romantic people usually have rounded facial contours, strong five-case curves, full of femininity, and attractive and charming eyes.  A curvy, plump, round, sexy and romantic woman.  Key adjectives: good family, gorgeous, exaggerated, charming, mature and curvy. Choose your own gorgeous feminine colors suitable for the color group, and do not choose too deep colors.  Avoid linear, cute and casual clothing styles. The Elegant Style of Female…

    Dress Styles, Women Dress Styles December 11, 2019