Women’s Dressing Style Types

This time, we will talk about “Women’s Dressing Style Types”.

Women's Dressing Style Types
Women’s Dressing Style Types

A) “dramatic” style person: you, who cannot be ignored, have a strong sense of being.

These people have many tall children, large skeletons, distinct facial features and personalities. In order to fully reflect your characteristics, it is suggested that you should wear special and personalized clothes, which can better foil your character and temperament.

For example, blouses with thick shoulder pads, clothes with large open collar according to the face shape, horn sleeves, exaggerated multi-layer lace, etc. can be used more frequently. Moreover, the masculine suit and the tight and deep slit skirt are OK. Clothes with strong texture, such as gold and silver silk fabric with good drape or fur, are also suitable for you to wear.

Make-up or hair can be exaggerated. Do you think eyeliner is too obvious? In fact, the least taboo is you! Hairstyle can be curly hair, super short hair, curly hair, straight hair, vertical hair … as long as exaggeration is good-looking!

Ornaments should also be worn in large sizes. Anything different is suitable for you, so you can take risks without worrying. This has too many advantages for you. Costume party is the most proud and beautiful occasion for people like you. Try to make public your unique style!

B)”romantic” style: lace and flowers make your woman’s taste clear.

The facial features are long and sexy, the skeleton is not prominent, smooth, concave and convex, and looks soft. This is the romantic type of woman, and it is also the type that men are easily fascinated by. However, attention must be paid to how to maintain superior taste. It is not easy to combine sex appeal and taste, so you need to check whether your dress is “appropriate” before going out.

Lace shirt, big lotus leaf skirt, georgette or knitting, silk velvet, etc. can all set off your body curve very appropriately. Water drops and rainbow-like patterns are also very beautiful. As long as you let feminization show, your dress is a success.

Leopard print fabric is also something you can control. Because your charming temperament is somewhat “aggressive” for granted. Wearing casual clothes is a problem. Because when it comes to outings, it seems that there are only cowboys and T-shirts. For romantic people, this is probably the most inappropriate dress. Skirt pants with rabbit fur sweater, lace shirt, can also be a good casual school.

Make-up should focus on charming eyes. If you like false eyelashes, you can wear them. Mascara should emphasize charming temperament. The hairstyle is soft curly hair, waves and long hair. Because the hairstyle is closest to your facial features, it is the focus of your grooming. ? Apply a few more layers of bright lipstick on plump lips, and the result will be a stunning one!

C)”natural” style: being at ease is your unique charm.

Whether you are exercising or not, the moment you meet always gives you a feeling of vitality and health. It is this type of people who embody this kind of natural temperament best. An ordinary cotton shirt can also be dressed in style and fashion. The thick needle sweater and trousers have another kind of free and easy.

Compared with gorgeous and colorful costumes, simple and elegant skirts are more suitable for this type. Wear hemp in summer, tweed in winter, and leather is also good. Peaceful stripes, Paisley spiral patterns, hand-woven patterns, etc. are also your choices.

However, it is very difficult for you to wear formal clothes. It is necessary to choose carefully. It is best to avoid such things as taffeta lantern sleeve dress and exquisite lace and lace.

Beautiful flat shoes, boots or sneakers are more suitable for you than slim and graceful high heels.

Wear some larger ornaments, such as imitation ivory, wood-stone, shells and other ornaments taken from nature, which are more suitable for your temperament than real and small ornaments.

D)”classic” style: the representative of orthodox school, formal suit is the best.

The feeling of elegant and neat mature urban women can also be said to be orthodox. Most of them are coldly beautiful women, but they also cost the most. The reason why she said so was that she should keep neat, standard, clean and high-quality clothes and accessories at all times.

If she is a casual and natural type of person, she may feel painful if she is always kept in such a normal state. But this classical type of person is naturally suitable for such a dress. The hair is always combed perfectly, which is suitable for her. This type of person will appear too simple when relaxed a little.

Classical people had better wear suits. Men’s or Chanel’s suits with good drape and a silk shirt inside are the best costumes. Cashmere, crepe, cashmere and other fabrics, simple, neatly arranged small patterns or stripes show the most temperament, most suitable for her this type of subtle creation.

Although sportswear is not good, it is also good to wear a small round neck sweater and straight trousers. Rugged jeans don’t suit you very well.

E)”elegant” style: use soft lines to emphasize gentleness and elegance.

More feminine than classical women and less sexy than romantic ones. You are soft and not “flattering.”

No matter whether they are middle-aged women or young women, they will show their true qualities of gentleness and gentleness. Because their eyes are very gentle, soft lines and fabrics are very suitable for them.

Delicate suits, soft pleated skirts or lotus leaf skirts are more suitable for you than bright and hard tight skirts.

Dress is also very suitable, flowing will be more brilliant than “H”. The shirt inside the suit should also be decorated with lace. It’s best to use watercolor-like vignettes, and the contrast should not be too obvious.

Jewelry should be feminine and tasteful instead of novel. Please don’t forget to tie a silk scarf gracefully.

The makeup should show your elegance, softness and tenderness, so don’t be too thick. Just the right eye shadow makes you more exciting.

Hair style should also be soft, medium and long hair is the best. In short, you should pay attention to all aspects of your gentle feminine charm. Try to avoid extreme and masculine styles.

F)fashionistas (avant-garde) “style: strange clothes, ancient and clever.

You give a person the feeling is very personality, and even some strange elf siren temperament. Distinctive, personalized and less standardized facial features with bright eyes and limpidity. Although small in size, it is full of flavor. Like prickly ash, small as it is, it tastes crispy. Although she is not very big, she is very outstanding in her creative dress.

Avant-garde style rejects mediocrity and pays attention to being different in dress. In a word, the style is outstanding and novel, unique and personalized, which is in line with the fashion.

You should choose accessories with individuality, such as those with striking colors, strange shapes or “exotic” tendencies. All kinds of tassel boots, high-heeled shoes with strong modelling feeling, bags with complicated decorations and shoulder bags are the favorites of the avant-garde type.

Wheat heads, super short hair, and fancy bleaching and dyeing are all suitable for the popular hairstyles of that year. Make-up should be bright and eye-catching. It can become a “dramatic” pocket version, so only need to reduce the size and scale. Only pay attention to this point, you are the type who can easily dress up as “cool”.

G)juvenile style: lively, active or mature.

There are two types of juvenile types: “active” (immature) and “mature” (mature). This is the kind of person we commonly call “tomboy”, with a clear line and a spirited face.

Too stiff, mature suits or too elegant lace dresses are not suitable for you. Suits for you include trousers, skirts and waistcoat suits. The short suit is also very beautiful. The men’s formal dress in formal dress best suits your personality.

When she is sexiest, she does not wear sexy pajamas, but when she wears men’s shirts as pajamas. The more you dress like a boy, the more sexy and attractive you are. Stripes, lattices, small geometric patterns, corduroy, pure cotton, and less hard fur are all equally good for you.

The decorations should not be too big, but should be personalized. Wearing a tie at the neckline is very handsome and fashionable.

Ultra-short broken hair and straight hair are the best choices. Don’t use too much color in make-up, just a little emphasis on eye shadow and eyeliner.

H)”girly” style: lovely and sweet, just like a little princess, as if she will never grow up.

To say that you are a “little princess” means that you are very individual, small and exquisite, lively and lovely. Small features, bright eyes. The body line is soft, sweet and lovely. Elegant lace dresses are very suitable for you, and bows, lace and small broken flowers are all your favorites. Curved and short suits are very beautiful, which best suits you.

The patterns of flowers, dots and small animals match your appearance very well. You are also suitable for wearing thin and soft fabrics, as well as rabbit hair, wool and soft cardigans.

Accessories should not be too big, but should be slim, small, transparent and lovely. Tie a proper color bow on the neckline.

Scalloping, braiding and ponytail are very lively and moving.
Make-up should be soft in color, emphasizing watery eyes and round lips, but must be clean and transparent. This is a type that can easily dress up as a “fairy princess”.


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